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Weather & Moisture Resistant Double Coated Tapes

Is your application going to see environmental conditions, such as rain, snow or direct sunlight?  Nova Films & Foils has double coated tapes that will not lose their adhesion or turn white in these conditions.  Explore our line of Weather & Moisture Resistant Double Coated Tapes below.

Item Adhesive Type Adhesive Tack Adhesive Thickness Liner Type
This product is ideally suited for a wide variety of materials where a permanent high tack adhesive bond...
Acrylic ●●●○○○ 1.5 / 1.5 mil 78# BDK
The product is ideal for laminating a wide variety of materials. It offers excellent performance in demanding...
Acrylic ●●●●●○ 1.8 / 1.8 mil 50# Glassine
NFS1842 Double Coated Adhesive Tape consists of a 0.5 mil clear polyester film coated on each side wih...
Acrylic ●●●●●○ 2.0 mils / 2.0 mils 60# PCK
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