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NFS1842, Double Coated Adhesive Tape

NFS1842 Double Coated Adhesive Tape consists of a 0.5 mil clear polyester film coated on each side wih a high performance permanent acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive and protected by a 60# polycoated kraft (PCK) liner with a differential release coating on both sides.

Product Description: Double Coated Adhesive Tape
Adhesive Type: Acrylic
Adhesive Tack: ●●●●●○
Adhesive Thickness: 2.0 mils / 2.0 mils
Liner Type: 60# PCK
Liner Thickness: 3.5 - 4.0 mils
Color: Clear
Adhesion to SS: 100 oz/in / 95 oz/in
Loop Tack: 85 oz/in
Application Temp: 60°F - 90°F
Service Temp: -40°F - 300°F
Shelf Life: One year when stored at 72°F and 50% RH
Preparation: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of oil, dust or grease before application.
Film Type: 0.5 mil
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