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About Nova Films & Foils

Nova Films and Foils, Inc. manufactures a diverse line of pressure sensitive tape, transfer adhesives, and foil tapes. We are also a preferred supplier of toll coating services, toll laminating, and slitting services.

Nova' s Graphic Arts Tapes are used in a variety of applications including printing, graphic design, mounting tapes, and packaging. Our industrial tapes are ideal for pharmaceutical, medical, foam bonding, gasket manufacturing, electronics, aerospace and many more.


Customer Service - We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and product quality. Whether you're an existing customer or a potential new customer, we take a genuine interest in your product requirements. Customer loyalty is a priority at Nova Films & Foils, Inc.

Short Lead Time - Typical turnaround time at Nova is two weeks or less.

Customization -We have a unique ability to develop products for special needs.

Flexibility - Being a "short run" specialty coater, our equipment is very versatile and changing from job to job is fairly simple. This efficiency allows us a very competitive position in the market place.


1980 - Our company was originally part of Davidson Industries, Inc. founded in 1980. Our division manufactured foil products or thin gauge metals. The National Strapping Division was responsible for the heavier gauge carbon steel and stainless steel banding products.

1987 - The foils department of Davidson Industries was split away from National Strapping and incorporated as National Films and Foils, Inc.

2001 - In July of 2001, the assets of National Films and Foils, Inc. were purchased by an investment group. The business was incorporated as Nova Films & Foils, Inc. and re-capitalized. Adding new equipment and upgrading existing equipment was and still is a priority.

Today - Since 2001, Nova Films & Foils, Inc. has worked hard to bring you a diverse line of pressure sensitive adhesives, transfer adhesives, films, metal and foil tape products, along with providing toll coating, laminating, slitting, and converting services. With the recent addition of an in-house R&D department, Nova is continuing its efforts toward extending our product line to find solutions for use with today's material challenges. This will allow us to better serve our existing customers as well offer products to a broad range of new markets. 

As part of Nova Films & Foils attention to quality and continuing development, Nova Films & Foils was certified for ISO 9001-:2008 in September 2012. Our employees have over 50 years of experience in the pressure sensitive adhesive arena and are happy to assist you in choosing the right adhesive for your application. Call us today at 1-800-950-6334.  

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