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Double Coated Adhesives Tapes

Nova Films & Foils—Double Coated Adhesives

Whether you are seeking a permanent adhesive or a removable one, Nova Films & Foils offers a double sided tape to meet your needs. The following is a brief overview of the double coated adhesive options we offer:

  • Our General Purpose double coated tapes are ideal for laminating to a wide variety of materials.  These tapes offer excellent general performance to  aggressive high tack, and good thermal stability, and work well in die cutting applications.  Available in both rubber and acrylic adhesive types; Nova Films & Foils’  double sided tapes provide aggressive immediate adhesion to a variety of surfaces including: polyester (PET), polyether urethane foams, sintra, styrene, papers, metals, corrugated, cellophane, polypropylene and polyethylene.

  • Our Low Surface Energy double coated tapes are uniquely designed to handle your toughest laminating challenges. These high performance emulsion and solvent based double coated tapes provide strong, instantaneous adhesion to hard-to-stick-to surfaces like polypropylene, polyethylene, foams and polyester.

  • When humidity and the elements play a role in your adhesive applications, our Weather and Moisture Resistant doubled coated tapes provide excellent bonding.

  • In applications where opacity of the end product is required, our High Opacity White Carrier double coated tapes provide a white barrier that blocks show through. 

  • To meet your other specific challenges, we also offer a full range of Felt Bonding, Foam Bonding, Rubber Bonding and Gasket Bonding.

  • Custom Tapes – Call us Toll Free (800)-950-6334 with your application needs and we will work with you to find the right tape for your application. 


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