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What is Permanent Removable Tape?

By Rick Huskey

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July 2, 2014

Permanent/removable tape:  It seems like an oxymoron:  how can a tape be permanent yet removable??  A permanent/removable is a double coated tape, one side is a permanent adhesive and one side is a removable adhesive, separated by a film carrier. Why would you want such a tape?? 

Permanent/removable is used in applications where you want a permanent bond to one substrate and a removable bond on another substrate. Think of a window graphic as an advertisement or a sales promotion: the permanent adhesive bonds to the printed graphic, while the removable adhesive bonds to a glass window or door. Eventually, you will want to remove the graphic and promote the next big thing!  A permanent/removable tape is perfect for ad/sales campaigns or for use in applications where you will eventually remove the tape from the product. 

Nova Films & Foils has an entire line of permanent/removable products depending on your application needs.  Our removable adhesive tapes seperates cleanly from glass, even after prolonged adhesion. 

  • NF1749 is permanent/removable self-wound tape protected by a 78# SCK liner. This product is great for most counter mat applications or window decals. 
  • NF1749PET is a permanent/removable self wound tape protected by a printed polyester liner. The printed polyester liner, “remove liner to expose adhesive” easily identifies the removable adhesive side of the product. 
  • NF1749PETDL is a permanent/removable tape protected with two polyester release liners; one clear polyester liner and one printed “remove liner to expose adhesive” polyester liner. This product is great when applying to graphics that need high clarity. The polyester liners provide a smooth, clearer adhesive coating which is perfect for see through graphics.
  • NFS1849 is a permanent/removable self-wound tape that is protected by a 60# PCK liner. This product is ideal in applications that will see environmental conditions, such as water or UV exposure. 
  • NF1739 is a permanent/removable self wound tape protected by a 78# SCK release liner.  The removable adhesive on this product provides very light tack, in cases where short term usage is wanted.  NF1739 works great for countermat applications. 
  • NF1769 is a permanent/removable self wound adhesive tape protected by a 78# SCK release liner.  This product has a 2 mil white BOPP carrier; perfect for no-show through applications or even backlit applications. 
  • New development:  So new, it doesn’t even have a product number yet!  This product uses a more aggressive permanent adhesive for more demanding applications, such as foam and cork mounting for glass separator pads. 

As you can see, Nova Films & Foils has a wide assortment of permanent/removable product to fit your needs. Looking for a solution to an industrial tape problem? Call us at 1-800-950-6334 to discuss your application needs and we will help determine the best product fit for you.



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