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By Rick Huskey

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August 5, 2014

Many of our customers purchase tape products from our well-established and proven selection of standard product offerings.  For a wide variety of applications, these standard offerings provide exactly what is needed for a particular job. 

However, what do you do when a standard product just won’t do the job?  What do you do if you are looking for something that is out of the ordinary or needs to serve a special function?

What many folks may not know is that Nova Films & Foils can and does supply many custom engineered products to meet specific customer needs.  Typically, such products begin as a joint development project between a customer and the Nova Films & Foils technical team.  These projects are usually conducted with the utmost in confidentiality, many times on an exclusive basis and under formal agreement to protect our customers’ unique proprietary needs and to help them maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Although Nova Films & Foils is generally thought of as a tape manufacturing company, our skills and capabilities extend well beyond manufacturing tapes.  We have expertise in many areas, including specialty tapes, coated stocks, and custom material constructions, utilizing a wide variety of substrates such as specialty films, security materials, metal foils, papers, reinforcements, and nonwoven materials, just to name a few.  These substrates can be combined in numerous ways with a full array of adhesives and coatings.  

In addition, we offer the ability to custom formulate and apply adhesives and coatings for a wide variety of functional purposes.  These coatings include specialty adhesives and adhesive combinations for unique application needs, primers for various customer end-use requirements, print receptive coatings for traditional as well as evolving digital ink jet and toner printing processes, protective and functional clear coats, and decorative surface coatings.

All of these development capabilities are well and good, but what about finding a company with the manufacturing capabilities to produce specialty and custom products?  We have recently made improvements and upgrades to much of our existing equipment and have acquired new state-of-the-art equipment to expand our coating and finishing capabilities.  We have also implemented internal processes to assure continued high levels of quality, customer service, and customer satisfaction, achieving ISO 9001:2008 compliance and certification in the Fall of 2012.  As needs arise for capabilities we may not yet have, we will consider adding new equipment to support customer needs, having already done so for a number of customers we were previously unable to serve.

Our commitment to our custom customers does not end once a product leaves our facility.  We continuously work with our customers, often by invitation to their facilities, to further understand their unique and evolving needs to refine and make new improvements to their custom products.

So, do you have a challenging application and don’t know where to turn?  Please consider calling Nova Films & Foils where you will find friendly, honest folks, ready to help you, drawing upon a collective of well-established expertise and expanding capabilities to serve your needs.

Paraphrasing from Rick Huskey in an earlier blog, there is quite a bit of truth in idioms such as “two heads are better than one” and “groups make better decisions than individuals”.  Help is just a phone call away.  Just call Nova Films & Foils Inc.   We love to discuss tapes and coated products, and we love to solve difficult customer needs and provide custom coated product solutions.  We will be happy to help you decide which direction is right for your application.

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